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Kardashians Join List of Celebrity Swatting Victims

Remember a more innocent age where kids would prank people by ordering unwanted pizzas to their door? Today’s equivalent is a lot more dangerous: “Swatting” — fake 911 calls that send SWAT teams on false alarms to the homes of celebrities.

Popular YouTube Prankster Arrested After Wedgie Spree

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A somewhat popular YouTuber known for running somewhat elaborate pranks has been arrested for being somewhat of an idiot.

Update: Teen Dies in Prank Gone Awry

It seems that one of those classic tricks that kids are constantly playing on each other went horribly wrong Saturday morning, leaving an Alabama boy, 15, hospitalized and in critical condition.

VIDEO: Man Arrested for Playing Terrorist Dress-Up With Nephew

Another man has joined the legion of people arrested after a videotaped stunt got attention on YouTube. This time, Michael Turley, 39, of phoenix is facing heat after police say he dressed up his 16-year-old nephew in terrorist-like garb and had him parade around a busy intersection with a fake grenade launcher.

Mom Charged in Mustard, Peanut Butter & Chicken Prank

A Colleyville, Tex., woman is charged with criminal mischief after allegedly leading a group of middle schoolers on a prank spree that police say caused $6,000 in damage. Authorities say Tara Mauney, 41, took a group of kids to Walmart on July 24, where they bought 108 rolls of toilet paper and took a group photo. Then, they allegedly used black markers, peanut butter, mustard and other materials to vandalize a house where a group of girls were having a sleepover.

Gay Couple Sues after Baggage Handlers Defile and Display Their Dildo

On retrieving their checked baggage, a gay Norfolk, Va., couple found that their luggage and their sex toy had been vandalized in a prank they allege was intended to embarrass and ridicule.

Man Killed in Bigfoot Prank Gone Awry

Police think alcohol may have been a factor in the death of a would-be prankster, who donned his ghillie suit on the highway one night hoping to be mistaken for the legendary hidden-creature Bigfoot, and was struck by passing motorists.

Drunken Man Allegedly Blows Up Portable Toilet at Concert

Canadian concert goer stands accused mischief after he allegedly filled a portable potty with gas and lit it on fire.

VIDEO: Cops Fired for Speeding Prank

It was hilarious in Super Troopers, but in Florida, a high-speed prank — captured on police dash cam video — resulted in serious consequences for two members of the police department.

Horrific Air Hose Assault Leaves Boy in Intensive Care

Du Chuanwang of China’s Shandong province is in intensive care in Beijing after two adult males from the auto repair shop where the boy apprentices attacked Du with compressed air. According to reports, the men attacked the boy and held him on the ground, while inserting the air-pump’s nozzle into his rectum.