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Man charged with hijacking plane was armed with chocolate bar

Antti Oskari Manselius, 23, of Finland is on trial after boarding a Cathay Pacific flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, and allegedly attempting to derail the flight to Sochi, Russia — menacingly wielding a Toberlone bar — so he could see the Olympics.

Watch: Fake robbery prank goes wrong

Some pranksters in Sydney, Australia, decided that it would be fun to see who would step in and help a person being mugged at the ATM machine. The group posted the results as Reckless Youth on, saying their results were mixed. True, but at the end of the video, the would be mugger gets piled on by several would-be heroes and popped in the face.

Police seek Irish girl in fish-slapping prank

No it’s not Monty Python’s Norwegian fish slapping dance, and the suspect is Irish, not Norwegian. In any case, a young couple is wanted after an ill-conceived prank is which they grabbed a large fish at the market and used it to haul off and smack a 53-year-old fish lady in the face, while recording the event for posterity.

Craziest Senior Pranks: ‘This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record’

Before graduating, high school seniors try to leave their legacy in the form of an epic prank. Much of the time, the administration is less than pleased.

Devil baby haunting streets of New York

Ok, it’s a marketing prank, not a real devil baby–whatever that might be. But it looks pretty demonic and it’s scaring a lot of people in NYC. The baby was built by viral marketing agency Thinkmodo and the video is a promotion for upcoming horror film Devil’s Due.

Friends convince drunk man he was in coma for 10 years

Friends play the most elaborate prank on their drunk friend. They convince him he’s just awoken from a ten-year coma and then post the video on Youtube.

A Fake Internet Girlfriend, a Catfish Scam, and a $50,000 Ransom

From our friends at The Daily Dot: “Somebody help me,” pleaded Kate Brianna Felton on Twitter shortly before a friend reported her missing to the U.S. Embassy in Moldova. Soon police were combing hotels and hostels in a European town looking for the teenage kidnapping victim. But they would never find her. Kate Brianna Felton did not exist.

Teen Faces Felony Charges for Hacking his High School

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Earlier this year, Marshall Williams did something that some high school kid has done in one form or another in every generation: He broke into the school’s private records — except he did it with a computer.

LAPD to Stop Publicizing Celebrity SWAT Team Pranks

Last month, a 12-year-old boy admitted to “swatting” the Los Angeles homes of Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher – his prank calls sent heavily-armed swat teams to the stars’ homes on false alarm. To combat copycats, the LAPD will no longer publicize these pranks.

Breaking News: Zombies Aren’t Attacking Michigan

Reports that flesh-eating zombies are roaming the state of Michigan attacking the living are vastly exaggerated, in fact it seems that hackers broke into Michigan’s Emergency Alert System on February 11, 2013, and entered the reports as a prank.

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