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Daniel Chong spent 5 days forgotten by DEA in cell; awarded $4M

An American horror story occurred in a DEA holding cell where Daniel Chong was forgotten for nearly five days. He drank his own urine to survive and says his screams were heard but unanswered.

Canadian inventors present ‘Cannabix Breathalyzer’ for pot DUIs

It was inevitable as the legalization of marijuana proceeds apace, that someone would decide that law enforcement needed a toy to measure marijuana intoxication. Because it supposedly detects accurate levels of THC on the spot, its inventors hope it will help police keep roads safe from those who toke and drive.

Slideshow: Pot shots

Celebrities and common folk under arrest for smoking the reefer.

Elusive bandits broke in, smoked, and dye hair red

Whoever these unknown perpetrators are, police say there is no evidence that they are adolescent girls who simply found an empty house to hang-out in for Thanksgiving. There is also no evidence that the perpetrators were braiding each other’s hair at the time, and talking about boys.

Seattle PD Blotter: ‘Thrift stores cannot resell your giant bags of weed’

In its continuing efforts to be both helpful and informative, the Seattle PD has issued a public service announcement that discourages people from donating copious amounts of unused/unwanted marijuana. The PSA does not mention donation of small bags of pot, so that may still be okay… in Seattle.

Kid ‘Grounded Forever’ for Smoking Pot in Bedroom

A kid who smoked pot in his bedroom is discovered by his parents. What’s unique? He’s on a groupchat with his friends who record the entire confrontation and then post on Youtube.

Cop’s Flatulence Leads Police to Huge Pot Growing Operation

Though no one is officially calling it Operation Silent But Deadly, police sources have confirmed that the overwhelming gassiness of one unnamed officer in Leicester, England, is being credited with a huge pot bust.

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