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Mass police: Stop pooping off the bridges

According to a post on the Uxbridge Police Department’s Facebook page, police have gotten several complaints from the P&W Railroad about people tagging-up on the overpasses with spray paint, and “tagging up” on the trains by pooping off the overpasses. A representative for the railway says, “It’s disgusting. It’s not just gross,” and it’s happened before.

EPA asks employees to stop pooping in hallway

In an email sent out earlier this year to the employees of Denver’s Region 8 of the EPA, management reportedly acknowledged “several instances” in which employees exhibited bad potty behavior including, but not limited to, pooping in the hallway outside the bathroom.

Cops Use DNA to Catch Burglar Who Didn’t Flush

Police in Oklahoma have upped the ante on burglars everywhere by DNA testing the poop of a suspect who broke into a home, January 23, 2913, stole several items and hurriedly used the toilet forgetting to flush.

Yale’s ‘Poopetrator’ Putting Human Feces in Students’ Clothes Dryers

Ivy League students may be a a lot of things, but it is refreshing to know that they are not above the humble, yet revolting, poop crime. Officials at Yale University are on the lookout for a person or persons responsible for placing human excrement in the clothes dryers at Saybrook College.

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