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Slideshow: Gross misconduct

A collection of crimes guaranteed to spoil your appetite.

Driver who passed out in mid-poop may have been drunk

A 70-year-old man in Cochranton, Pennsylvania, came to the attention of police on January 10, 2014, when alarmed passing motorists saw him lying out in a field, presumably with his pants down around his ankles.

Yale’s ‘Poopetrator’ Putting Human Feces in Students’ Clothes Dryers

Ivy League students may be a a lot of things, but it is refreshing to know that they are not above the humble, yet revolting, poop crime. Officials at Yale University are on the lookout for a person or persons responsible for placing human excrement in the clothes dryers at Saybrook College.

Retired Cop Arrested Filling Wife’s Hot Tub with Manure

You never really know how a person will react when served with divorce papers. In the case of this ex-cop, he went berserk and had to be subdued with pepper spray.

Maine Man Sentenced to Jail for Uncontrollable Diarrhea

Last week the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a conviction against Ronald Strong of Maine, sentenced to seven days in jail for willfully smearing poop all over the courthouse bathroom in Portland and leaving a really gross mess, which is described extremely graphically in terms of food in court documents.

Pooping Man Attacked by Fox in His Bathroom

A man in London, England, was recently attacked by a fox while on the toilet in his own home. Anthony Schofield, 49, told reporters that on July 1, 2013, he was doing his business, when all of a sudden a fox burst into the bathroom; it mauled him, the cat and his partner.

Town with Dog Poop Problem Sends Poop Back to Owners Via Special Delivery

To send a strong message to all of the pooper-scooper scofflaws in Brunete, Spain, and there seem to have been a lot, the town’s government kicked off a sting operation in February 2013 that not only solved the problem, but got rid of the offending poop.

Fetishes Unhinged: Obscene Phone Calls, Peacocks and Poop

Today we proudly present our first edition of Fetishes Unhinged, which we warn, given the nature of crime, may become a regular feature. Meet David Beckmann and Thomas Mettham, peacock and poop fetishists respectively.

Italian Facebook Prankster Forced to Eat Actual Poop

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Italian kids are giving new meaning to the phrase “eat sh** and die.” One such adolescent is currently under investigation at his Treviso boarding school for locking a former friend into a bathroom and forcing him to eat human waste and lick the bowl of a dirty porcelain toilet.

Angry Young Man Pushes Stepfather, Poops on Porch

Pasco County man Jorge Jonathan Cruz-Blanco was an angry young man. He was no longer a student, didn’t have a job and was expecting his stepfather, Kenneth Pangborn, 72, to serve him with an eviction notice at any time — so he did the logical thing, he pooped on the old man’s porch.