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The spit mask: Keeping saliva off the officer, and pepper spray on the prisoner

The spit mask—or spit hood or spit sock or spit net—serves a reasonable goal: It protects law enforcement personnel from the potentially deadly bodily fluids of an aggressive detainee. If used properly, it’s perfectly safe; but it can be used unnecessarily, or even inappropriately, as when it’s used to trap pepper spray on its victim’s skin, or when it contributes to a choking death.

Slideshow: K-9 cops, man’s best friend

They’re dedicated and committed, sometimes to a fault. Ten tales of crime fighting and the K-9 officer.

‘Heat list’ brings Minority Report-style police attention for likely offenders in Chicago

The Chicago Police Department has drawn on some statistical sorcery to generate a “heat list” of 400-plus people who the numbers say are exceptionally likely to commit a violent crime. Critics say that the list is a discriminatory tool that’s making “pre-crime” law enforcement a scary reality, rather than just a figment of Philip K. [...]

Slideshow: Outrageous taser use and abuse

As new indictments are filed against two Mounties in Robert Dziekanski’s 2007 tasing death captured on video at Vancouver airport, we take a look at some other high profile use and abuse of the stun gun.

Police tweet heartwarming Valentine’s day threat

A poetic tweet from police in Edinburgh, Scotland, just in time for Valentine’s day, serves at once to entertain and warn anyone thinking of committing a crime. Rose are red, Violets are blue, If you commit a crime on Valentine’s day …

Video: Hair weave is hacked off woman’s head by cop outside Detroit

A police video shows a police officer aggressively cutting out the weave of a woman restrained in a police station in Warren, Michigan

Slideshow: Crooked cops

From officers passed-out drunk while driving their cruisers, to prescription-drug scams, to simple abuse of authority; we present a rogue’s gallery of bent cops.

Do You Need My Assistance? Drunk Man Tries to Help Cop

One thing people say about the Midwest is how nice people are there. One intoxicated Lincoln County, Wisconsin man proved no exception when he pulled up behind a police cruiser on the side of the road and offered his help. You might be able to guess what happened next.

Cop Arrested for Standing Outside Naked

Newport News, Virginia, cop Christopher Roush, 41, was arrested by his own department for allegedly standing naked on a porch.

Former Police Chief Dies After Being Tased

Former police chief of Rankin, Penn., Darryl Briston, was arrested and tased into compliance. He died of cardiac arrest soon after.

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