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Boy’s 9th birthday ruined when police officer shoots dog (with video)

A Filer, Idaho, police officer responding to a call shot a 7-year-old black Labrador Retriever in the front yard of its owner, who was celebrating his 9-year-old son’s birthday. Officer Tarek Hassani’s dashcam video shows the shooting. Hassani then has a heated exchange with the dog’s owner, Rick Clubb, in which he explains that he has been [...]

“We don’t have time for this” cop is indicted for shooting mentally ill teen

A North Carolina grand jury has indicted a detective who shot and killed an 18-year-old mentally ill boy whose parents had called the police for help. Southport Police Department Detective Bryon Vassey was the third officer to arrive at Mark and Mary Wilsey’s home to assist with their son, 18-year-old Keith Vidal, who was having a [...]

“We called for help and they killed my son”–Police shoot schizophrenic boy in front of parents

An impatient cop shot a 18-year-old boy suffering from schizophrenia after his parents called for assistance

Police officer finds squirrel in dollar store, responds with lethal force

Last month Mountain City police got a call from the local Dollar General about a squirrel in the store. An employee had tried several times to get the disruptive animal out of the store and was seeking help from animal control. The animal control officer was out, so police dispatched a police officer instead — mistake.

Botched raid? Police kill 80 year old in bed, widow sues

Police said they smelled meth and got a warrant, but there was no meth, just an old man and his wife, and now the man is dead, unjustly, according to his widow.

Update: More Details Emerge in Waycross Case as 911 Call Released

In response to a growing controversy surrounding the officer-involved shooting of Waycross, Georgia, man Jack Lamar Roberson last Friday, authorities have released the 911 call from his fiancée Alicia Herron. The call transcript indicated that Herron was not only scared for him, but of a police response to her call.

Family Calls 911 for Ambulance, Police Responders Kill the ‘Patient’

A 911 call and subsequent police shooting is getting national attention and stirring controversy after a man in Waycross, Georgia, was shot down by police following a 911 call from his family. The family claims to have called 911 requesting an ambulance to take her the diabetic man to the hospital, but police tell another story.

NC Man Seeking Help After Car Accident Had No Warning Before Cops Fired, Says Attorney

A dashcam video and a 911 call will be important in the case of Jonathan Ferrell, the football player who was shot when attempting to get help from police after a serious car accident.

The Police Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain

A 68-year-old former Marine is killed by police after triggering his Life Alert button in his sleep.

Cleveland Police Officers Disciplined After Unarmed Couple Shot 47 Times

Seventy five of Cleveland’s finest will be disciplined after investigation into the shooting deaths of two unarmed people showed a massive fail in standard operating police procedure. Nineteen of those face suspension for offenses ranging from engaging in a chase without permission to providing false information on police reports.

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