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Sheriff’s memo to deputies: No sex on the job, no lying on the record

Some may find it surprising that a sheriff would feel the need to remind his deputies that having sex while on duty and that lying on the record are both firing offenses, but the following memo indicates that at least one sheriff thinks that’s exactly what’s needed. Glad we’re all on the same page now.

New Mexico man subject to anal probe gets $1.6 million settlement

The city of Deming and county of Hidalgo, New Mexico will settle a federal lawsuit filed by David Eckert, a man who was subject to three enemas and a 14-hour anal probe after a police officer noticed he was “clenching his butt” during a routine traffic stop. The municipalities and Eckert agreed on the $1.6 [...]

Arizona cop resigns over love affair with MDMA dealer she investigated

An undercover Arizona detective allegedly blew her cover when she had a love affair with the dealer she was investigating.

Two Danish Police Officers in Unmarked Cars Chase Each Other

In a car-chase all too reminiscent of a scene from a silent movie about the Keystone Cops, two Danish police officers in unmarked cars engaged in a wild chase through the city of Copenhagen, which might’ve been okay, except that they were chasing each other.

Police Captain Accused of Making Girl Strip in Perverse Inspection

Authorities say Miramar Police Captain Juan De Los Rios was in uniform when he approached a parked car where a 15-year-old girl and a teenage boy were sitting in the back seat. De Los Rios allegedly asked them if they were having sex, and when they said they weren’t, he ordered the girl to get undressed so that he could inspect her.

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