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Watch: Special effects turn ugly riot into cool light-saber battle

How do you snazzy-up a run-of-the-mill urban riot, while also making it more appropriate viewing for children? Why, you take away the participants’ conventional weapons and replace them with Star Wars light sabers…obviously. Thanks to one anonymous, but talented, video editor with a vision, this video was made and posted to the Internet earlier this year.

Photo: Kelly Thomas pleas during beating

A compelling photo from the trial of former Fullerton, California, police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli in the murder of a homeless man they were detaining has made it’s way onto, and is going viral. The officers were acquitted of involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force in a jury trial. Here, the prosecution’s presentation enumerating the [...]

Ramos and Cicinelli: Not guilty in the murder of Kelly Thomas

The most shocking police brutality case since Rodney King ended with the same verdict: Not guilty. Earlier this week, former Fullerton Police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were acquitted of all charges stemming from the beating death of homeless schizophrenic Kelly Thomas. The entire confrontation was captured on videotape and posted on Youtube. The [...]

VIDEO: Family of Marlon Brown Release Police Cam Video of His Death

This May Marlon Brown found himself being chased by police for an alleged seat belt violation. He stopped his car, and tried to get away on foot. Two of the three pursuing police cars broke off pursuit; the third ran him over. This is dashboard camera video from that third cruiser.

Should Police Respond Differently to Suspects With Down Syndrome?

In January, Robert Ethan Saylor–a 26-year-old Maryland man with Down syndrome–was killed at a movie theatre after an altercation with three law enforcement officers.

Prosecutors Say Cop Cut Off Woman’s Clothes to ‘Punish, Humiliate’

An Ottawa police sergeant has pleaded not guilty to a count of sexual assault stemming from an incident which took place four years ago. Sgt. Steven Desjourdy is accused of cutting off an arrested woman’s shirt and bra, and leaving her in a cell, with pants soiled, for three hours.

Fullerton Cop Implicated in Kelly Thomas Killing no Longer on Police Force

One of the two on-duty Fullerton police officers slated to stand trial for the killing of homeless schizophrenic Kelly Thomas has been officially kicked off the police force.

No Indictment for Life Alert Raid Cops

A 23-person grand jury in White Plains, NY, voted against an indictment in the Kenneth Chamberlain case, after hearing testimony from 42 people, The Daily Pelham reported.  Chamberlain, 68, was fatally shot by police in his home on November 19 after triggering his Life Alert pendant.  The incident was recorded by Chamberlain’s Life Alert talk [...]

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