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Slideshow: Ten absurd police blotters

Suspicious coins, happy birthday bags, and a cat named “Help.” When cops aren’t tracking down murderers or stopping thieves in their tracks, they’re dealing with things like this.

Baby reported in Wal-Mart trash can turns out to be just a burrito

A baby spotted in a California trash can turned out to be just a giant burrito that, apparently, someone didn’t want. The mix-up is an apparent hazard of making baby-sized burritos and then throwing them away.

Seattle PD Blotter: ‘Thrift stores cannot resell your giant bags of weed’

In its continuing efforts to be both helpful and informative, the Seattle PD has issued a public service announcement that discourages people from donating copious amounts of unused/unwanted marijuana. The PSA does not mention donation of small bags of pot, so that may still be okay… in Seattle.

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