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Graham Young, the St. Albans Poisoner

Graham Young, aka the Teacup Poisoner, had a pathological fascination with poison and a detachment from the human race characteristic of the sociopath. These disturbing personality traits enabled him to easily poison family, friends, co workers, even his bosses. His little “experiments” killed four people, and sickened a hundred or more.

Divorce by murder: The case of Richard and Nancy Lyon

On May 16, 1990, Richard Lyon was arrested for the murder of his rich wife, Nancy. The high-profile trial that followed of philandering husband Richard exposed the wealthy family’s deepest secrets of incest, adultery, murder and fraud to a scandal-hungry public.

Today in Crime History: Marie Hilley Dies

Marie Hilley, who killed her husband with poison and attempted to do away with her daughter in the same way, was so well-behaved in prison that officials gave her a three-day furlough. After walking out of prison, she spent four days crawling around in cold, muddy woods until she was found on February 26, 1987, and brought to a hospital where she died.

The life and mysterious death of Karen Silkwood — more than a small town girl

Controversial nuclear safety whistleblower Silkwood died before she had her day in court. An examination of her life, the case and her suspicious death.

Did Brittany Murphy die from pneumonia… or poison?

Lab tests of Brittany Murphy’s remains suggest the 32-year-old “Clueless” star did not die of natural causes. Murphy’s father has a theory that his late daughter and her husband, Simon Monjack, were poisoned in retaliation for speaking out in support of a whistle-blower.

Today in Crime History: Killer granny Dorothea Puente is arrested

On November 11, 1988, police finally found the source of the stench that had hovered for so long over Puente’s boarding house: The bodies of seven of her missing boarders buried in the yard. The sweet-faced, grandmotherly lady with “sewer problems” had been getting away with murder for years.

Free School Lunch in India Kills 25 so Far

Gross school lunches are responsible for snarky terms like "mystery meat" and "murder burgers" finding their way in the English language, but all jokes aside, a recent free school lunch served in India was so bad that 25 so far have died from eating it — including the cook.

Frances Creighton and Everett Appelgate

Executed July 16, 1936, this black widow and her psychopathic, ladies’ man boyfriend committed pedophilia and arsenic poisoning, not to mention some very bad parenting. They were executed by electrocution, one right after the other, in New York’s Sing Sing prison.

Scorned Ex Sentenced for Killing Boyfriend With Poisoned Jagermeister

A jilted ex-girlfriend will spend 20 years in prison for poisoning her former beau and his new lover with a tainted bottle of Jagermeister.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served …with Poisoned Cheese?

Battleboro, North Carolina, woman Tiara Drake, an immature 24 year old, is facing attempted murder charges after poisoning her family’s favorite cheese in an act of retribution for their refusal to give her a piece the day before.

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