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Seven Defendants who Really Should’ve Taken the Deal

No defendant ever has to take an offered plea agreement. In fact many prefer to take their chances with a jury trial. Today we present some of the worst cases we ever heard of defendants rolling the dice with a jury trial — and losing spectacularly.

Wife to Testify Against Near-Death Expert Accused of Waterboarding Daughter

The mother of an 11-year-old girl who was reportedly “waterboarded” by renowned near-death expert Dr. Melvin Morse has agreed to testify against him in court.

Mugshot of the Day

Today we present you with the mug of Daniel Lee Slaton, 36, who is, judging by his other mugshots shown at the end of this piece, no stranger the police camera. On March 22, 2013, he was convicted for his part in a murder and a robbery and sentenced to 60 years: 30 in prison and 30 on probation.

Soccer Mom Madam Pleads Guilty to Running Manhattan Brothel

In a court hearing Tuesday, a 45-year-old Scottish woman accused of running a million-dollar brothel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has accepted a plea deal. Anna Gristina, a suburban mother of four, pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution and will not be required to serve any jail time in addition to the four months she’s already spent on Riker’s Island.

Amarillo Man Indicted for Murder Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter, Gets Probation and Touching Anniversary Sentence

Michael Paul Buse, who pleaded guilty to slowly crushing his girlfriend to death with his pickup in 2010, gets probation, will serve 111 days in jail, plus for nine years he will spend 1 day in jail each year on the anniversary of the murder.

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