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Two American security guards dead from apparent drug overdose on ‘Captain Phillips’ ship

Two Americans serving as security guards on the high seas for theĀ 508-foot Maersk Alabama container ship were found dead Tuesday in one of the vessel’s berths. An undisclosed drug and hypodermic needles were also discovered in the room. Seychelles police identified the dead men as Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44. They were employed [...]

Britney Spears music proves effective weapon against pirate attack

Music has long been known to elicit a gamut of emotions from listeners. From joy, to sadness, to running the other way in the case of Somali Pirates exposed to the melodious tones of Britney Spears.

Belgian Authorities Lure Pirates to Bruxelles with Promise of Fame

Right now there’s an alleged Somali pirate kicking himself in a cell in Bruges. Sneeky Belgian undercover agents tricked an internationally wanted pirate boss and his right-hand man into flying to Belgium to be the subjects of a documentary about the pirate’s careers on the high seas.

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