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What does a botched electric chair execution look like?

It’s not pretty, that’s for sure. In 1999 convicted murderer Allen Lee Davis became the first and last inmate to be executed in Florida’s brand new electric chair, intended to replace the notoriously malfunctioning “Old Sparky.” Warning: This post contains disturbing photographs.

Slideshow: Serial killer Rodney Alcala’s photos, subjects or victims?

The following photographs were found in convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala’s storage unit. The unsolved mystery surrounding the identities of the people in these photos persists, and police have long feared, could lead to more victims. Do you recognize any of these people?

Photo: Kelly Thomas pleas during beating

A compelling photo from the trial of former Fullerton, California, police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli in the murder of a homeless man they were detaining has made it’s way onto, and is going viral. The officers were acquitted of involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force in a jury trial. Here, the prosecution’s presentation enumerating the [...]

LAPD: Do you know any of these women?

On July 7, 2010, LAPD arrested Lonnie David Franklin Jr. for a series of unsolved murders previously attributed to the Grim Sleeper serial killer. He was charged with ten of the murders. A search of Franklin’s home turned up 180 photos of women. Many of these possible victims have been identified; the following photos have not.

Check out this bandito’s selfies

Mexican drugs cartels are brazenly posting images of members, their friends, their guns, money and cars on Facebook.

Slideshow: I am a vampire

Humans have always been fascinated with vampires, but some take their fascination to the forbidden level. Crime Library catalogs 13 vampiric assaults and murders from the past decade.

The lives and crimes of motivational speakers

Not all gurus and motivational speakers are working for good. Some end up harming people and getting arrested. We take a look at some of the folks who might motivate you NOT to be like them at all.

Detective’s Scrapbook of The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery of 1963 has been called the heist of the century and is cinema-esque in its richness of character. Never-before-seen photos from the investigation have been released and we have obtained a few of them.

Famous NY Crime Scene Photographs with Current-Day Locations

A news photographer has published a captivating collection of photos showing historic crimes and accidents in their current New York City environs.

Chilling Final Photos of Murder Victims Taken by Their Killers

Many serial killers take photos of their victims–both dead and alive–to keep a record of their work, to refer to later for self-pleasure, and sometimes to taunt police. Here are a few images taken by serial killers of their victims while they were still alive. Most know they’re doomed, others are still unaware of what’s to come. Warning: Photos are not pleasant.

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