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Cops confiscate ‘Mickey Mouse’ driver’s license

Police in Bellevue, Washington, responding to a July 3 call about some stolen road construction signs spotted on the patio of a neighborhood condo, found the missing signs, as well as 67 fake credit cards, 28 fake government IDs, seven phony Social Security cards, hundreds of forged checks and 39 fake IDs and drivers’ licenses, including this one.

Girl in the photograph: The Tara Calico disappearance

University of New Mexico sophomore Tara Calico disappeared riding her bike almost 26 years ago; her unsolved case still inspires rumors. Months after she vanished, a photo discovered in a Florida parking lot gave Tara’s family new hope of finding the popular and active young woman. But is that really her in the picture?

Look: Police are trying to solve this mystery

Brazilian police are trying to figure out how a Honda CG 150 Fan wound up literally strung up a pole at around 2:30 a.m. March 15, 2014. Police seem pretty sure an accident is to blame, but the physics of how exactly this could have happened are still unclear.

Photo: Banned toileting behaviour at Sochi Oylmpics

Let’s face it, when trying to get large numbers of people from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds to follow one set of rules, you simply cannot have enough signage. Toilet signage tweeted by snowboarder Sebastian Toutant from the Sochi Olympics would seem to prove this point, but what does it say?

A mother’s note to a callous pumpkin thief goes viral

The Reina family of Washington, D.C., spent time carving pumpkins for the kids in time for Halloween. The family carved four all together, each representing a family member: mom, dad, baby and one for little Tommy, 2, which we can’t show you because it was stolen and believed smashed that very night. None of the others were taken.

Let’s Go Back in Time to When BTK Was Just a Regular Guy

The Wayback Machine is a great tool for taking trips down Internet memory lane. Just take a look at Crime Library’s snazzy getup circa 1999. For aficionados of the unsettling, it can also be a way to go back to a time when a notorious murderer was an everyday guy, blending in with the community and keeping his bloody hobby under wraps.

LOOK: Jeffrey Dahmer Making ‘Duck Face’

If serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer lived long enough to see Myspace or Facebook, he might have been one of those people always making kissy face at the camera. At least in this candid high school photo, he pulls it off admirably

LOOK: Ted Bundy Gleefully Dancing in the Woods

It’s a fact of life: everybody goofs off sometimes. Making faces, singing silly songs and dancing all flippity-flappity like a weirdo is just human nature. Nobody is exempt from an occasional bout of oddball behavior, not even the most serious types. And, it appears, not even serial killers. Here’s an undated candid photo of quintessential serial killer Ted Bundy clicking his heels and flashing a grin.

Look: Officer Got Confused While Writing Ticket?

Reddit user NastyMan9 shared a recent ticket for speeding calling it, “So…I got pulled over tonight, I don’t think the police officer understood the purpose of the eye color field…”

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