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Watch: Dashboard cam of alleged Facebooking trucker’s collision with police

Police have released the dash-cam video of trucker Jorge Espinoza, allegedly on his smartphone at the time of this deadly May 2013 police roadblock crash in Arizona. Officer Tim Huffman was killed and six vehicles totaled, including Espinoza’s employer’s brand new semi-tractor trailer. This video seems to support the allegation that Espinoza’s driving was distracted by his technology.

Police: Woman on phone ran over herd of cattle

With a name like Daisy Cowit, it’s probably inevitable that she would eventually have a cow encounter, but not necessarily a 50-cow encounter with the cows hitting the front end of her car all at once.

Mugshot of the Day

This person was arrested for unlawful use of a phone — failure to hang up — on the mother ship? Live long and prosper.