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Woman writes to those who robbed her while her husband died

A woman, who sped after the ambulance to the hospital after her husband suffered a fatal heart attack at their home, returned to find that thieves had looted the house while she was gone. In a personal note to the Record Bee, she addresses the robbers who stole all the mementos that she and her late husband shared.

UK man walks home drunk, finds this note from police in the morning

A guy who partied too hardy and walked home found this note on Herfordshire police stationery in his home the next day. It begins “We found you staggering in the road,” and is mysteriously signed, “Love from Cagney and Lacey.” He probably had no memory of the courtesy ride home he got from police.

A mother’s note to a callous pumpkin thief goes viral

The Reina family of Washington, D.C., spent time carving pumpkins for the kids in time for Halloween. The family carved four all together, each representing a family member: mom, dad, baby and one for little Tommy, 2, which we can’t show you because it was stolen and believed smashed that very night. None of the others were taken.

Florida Couple Arrested for Pouring Boiling Water on their Daughter

Crime Library’s Nastacia Leshchinskaya contemplates a case where a Florida couple intentionally harmed their child with boiling water and asks “Why?”

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