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The spit mask: Keeping saliva off the officer, and pepper spray on the prisoner

The spit mask—or spit hood or spit sock or spit net—serves a reasonable goal: It protects law enforcement personnel from the potentially deadly bodily fluids of an aggressive detainee. If used properly, it’s perfectly safe; but it can be used unnecessarily, or even inappropriately, as when it’s used to trap pepper spray on its victim’s skin, or when it contributes to a choking death.

Woman mistakes pepper spray for deodorant, injures two

Police in Würzburg, Germany are considering charges against a woman whose decision to freshen up in the washroom at a local nightclub wound up temporarily shutting down the club, and injuring two other women.

Letter carrier maces co-workers, triggers hazmat response

Anyone who feels a pet of theirs was ever unfairly maced by a mail carrier will be pleased to hear that on October 6, 2013, a Portland, Oregon, postman managed to pepper spray his co-workers — by accident of course.

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