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Police make arrest in ‘Swiss cheese pervert’ case

Police announced the arrested of Chris Pagano, 41 of Norristown, Pennsylvania, in connection with at least three instances of exposing himself to random women, showing them a block of Swiss cheese and asking for a cheese-related sexual favor in exchange for money.

Wanted: Philadelphia ‘Swiss cheese pervert’

Police in Philly are on the lookout for the “Swiss cheese pervert,” who pulls up in his car, genitals exposed, and propositions women for money. As the moniker would imply, this guy asks the women to slather his privates with –no not cream cheese– Swiss cheese, and then perform sex acts on him with the cheese.

Today in Crime History: The murder of Laurie Show

On December 21, 1991, with her dying breath Laurie named her killer—or did she? The prosecution of this murder managed to tie the Pennsylvania justice system in knots for 14 years.

Police: Young ‘couple just wanted to murder someone together’

The young couple eloped and married just this fall. Then in an act that Sunbury Police Corporal brad Hare describes as “pretty twisted,” they decided that in addition to spending the rest of their lives together, they wanted to kill together. Now it looks like they may just spend the rest of their lives separated by prison walls.

Horse dies in Amish drive-by buggy shooting

Police in East Lampeter Twp. are searching for suspects involved in what seems like a classic drive-by shooting with a twist. Drive-by shootings are usually a more urban phenomenon associated gang rivalries. This shooting was aimed at an Amish family in their horse and buggy. Luckily, the only one injured was the horse. Sadly, it died.

The Murders of David and Carol Keefe

Who killed David and Carol Keeffe and why? Over four years passed before authorities finally made an arrest for their November 17, 2006, murders, leading some to question whether their killer would ever be caught.

The crimes of the Tri-State Gang

The story of the violent gang of Philadelphia mobsters, who terrorized Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, particularly the City of Richmond, in the early 1930s.

Today in Crime History: Unicorn Killer Ira Einhorn is convicted

On October 17, 2002, a Philadelphia jury found former hippie guru Ira Einhorn, 62, guilty of killing his girlfriend Holly Maddux in 1977, and stuffing her remains into a trunk. According to his attorney, the presence of the mummified corpse in his apartment was, “just a piece of circumstantial evidence”.

Pennsylvania Family Feud Ends in Bloodshed and Death

A 20-year-long family feud was effectively ended Friday in Ashville, Pennsylvania, when an estranged daughter and her husband killed her mother and brother in a violent home invasion that culminated in their own deaths at the hands of her estranged father. Police don’t think he even recognized her.

A Poem by Convicted Doctor Kermit Gosnell, ‘Abortion Providers’

Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, convicted of murdering several viable babies he delivered at his shockingly unsanitary abortion mill, as well as the involuntary manslaughter of one of his adult patients, still contends that there was nothing wrong with anything he did, that he is a victim.

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