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Peeping tom reports couple having sex in their own house

Police don’t know why the man some reports are describing as a “window lurker” was looking through the bedroom window of a Blekinge, Sweden, couple’s home, but they do know that he saw them engage in an intimate sexual act — and was extremely offended.

Peeping Tom chased through Kohl’s by angry topless woman

Monday a young woman trying a bras in the women’s fitting room at a Khol’s department store in Kansas noticed a man filming her. Once spotted, the man left the fitting room, but the victim’s anger was already sparked. Her privacy violated, the woman’s first instinct was not cover herself, but to give chase.

Peeping Tom Does the Unthinkable for a Thrill

If you’ve ever found yourself in the bathroom at a water park, your instinct was probably to do your business and get out in a jiffy. Very few people would consider finding the hands-down grossest spot in the whole place and cozying up in there to, uh, people watch.

Angry Dad Catches Suspected Peeping Tom

A 15-year-old Jacksonville, Fla., girl called police Saturday, telling them that her father was holding a man down in the yard. According to an officer, “the [girl] was seated in the living room when she saw a silhouette outside the back window” and told her dad, who ran outside to confront the creepy peeper.

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