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Cannibalism and the strange case of Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was suspected in the disappearance of young Zachary Ramsay, but there was insufficient evidence to convict him. However, Bar-Jonah was sentenced to 130 years for child molestation and sexual assault. He died in prison in 2008.

Treating Pedophiles: Reasons for Cautious Optimism

“Virtuous Pedophiles” sounds like a contradiction in terms – but it is the title of a website. This website does not attempt to justify or excuse child molestation. The men who founded it, both of whom use pseudonyms for obvious reasons, are sexually attracted to children. Yet both assert that they have never sexually touched a child.

FBI Ran Bustling Child Porn Site for Weeks as Users Exchanged Thousands of Illegal Images

From our friends at the Daily Dot: For two weeks last year, the FBI commandeered and ran a child porn site frequented by more than 5,600 pedophiles who shared more than 10,000 images, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The agents raided the service in November, at which point they apparently gained administrative access.

Man Charged With Raping Baby

An Ohio man is behind bars, charged with rape of a child under 10. On Saturday, police and EMS arrived at a Ravenna Township home, responding to a report of an injured 15-month-old girl. When the baby was brought to Akron Children’s Hospital, medical staff determined that her injuries were the result of a sexual assault.

Erika Perdue, Wealthy Dallas Socialite, Busted for Child Porn

Wealthy Dallas socialite Erika Perdue, 41, (pictured here on her Facebook page) is making headlines after FBI agents raided her $1.4 million mansion and found her in possession of scads of child porn.

Walmart Employee who Videotaped Boy in Bathroom Gets 9 Years

A former Walmart worker was sentenced yesterday to nine years in prison on charges of knowingly receiving visual images of child pornography.

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