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Former Cop Accused of Trying to Lure Girl Into Car

A former Philadelphia police officer is charged with attempting to lure an 8-year-old girl into his vehicle. Leo Haley, 72, is charged with unlawful restraint, terroristic threats, luring a child into a vehicle, and harassment stemming from the alleged October 17 incident. Police say Haley was in his vehicle when he saw the child walking alone and threatened her in an attempt to get her into his car.

Confessed Perv, 61, Plans to Turn the Tables on Victim, 7

Convicted sex offender, who because he confessed, was spared jail time, plans to sue his victim for making allegations against him.

Gary Glitter Arrested, Again

British rocker Gary Glitter, famous for his hit song Rock and Roll, Part Two, has been arrested in connection with Operation Yewtree, an investigation into the alleged pedophile activity of late BBC TV and radio star Jimmy Savile,

Evil Clown Accused of Producing Child Pornography

The drummer for a band called “The Core of Your Nightmares” has found himself at the core of a federal child pornography case. According to a federal indictment Martin “Vlad” Evanick, 31, of Illinois has produced child porn and taken inappropriate photos of underage girls. Federal prosecutors say Evanick, who often dresses up as a creepy, blood-soaked clown, photographed himself having sex with an underage girl.

Sex Offenders Sue City Calling New Halloween Ordinance Unconstitutional

Five sex offenders are suing a California town over a new Halloween ordinance aimed at prohibiting pedophiles from interacting with children on Halloween. The new ordinance prohibits all registered sex offenders from lighting or decorating their homes for Halloween, from opening the door for trick-or-treaters, and requires them to post a sign: No candy or treats at this residence.

‘Swirl-Face’ Pedophile Out of Thai Prison, Arrested in Canada

Christopher Neil served a five year sentence in a Thai prison for sexually abusing young boys. Now Neil, 37, is out of prison and back in British Columbia, where he was promptly arrested upon his homecoming. However, authorities say he won’t be charged with the crimes he committed abroad.

Dirty Old Man Admits to Molesting Children his Whole Life

Murray Snider, 81, told police that he has been molesting little girls his whole life, and has no idea how many victims he has sexually assaulted over the years.

Teen Accused of Sexually Assaulting Toddlers, Forcing Them to Drink his Semen

Family friend Juan Henoch Mejia allegedly confessed to sexually assaulting two young girls, who interrupted him while he was masturbating, and also forcing them drink his ejaculate.

Florida Child Pornographer Asks for Leniency, Gets Denied

Offering such excuses as his own life traumas and his personal opinion that his unconscious victims don’t remember, pedophile Randy Jerome Pozdol asked the court for the minimum required sentence. The judge rejected his arguments.

Today in Crime History: The Wife of Serial Killer Michel Fourniret is Arrested

Fourniret, aka The Beast of Ardennes, convicted of killing young women and children in France, Belgium and other European countries, says he killed about 2 a year for a decade or more. After his arrest in 2005, his wife turned on his to avoid conviction. On July 5 she was arrested anyway for her part in his crimes.

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