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Dallas Woman who led police on drug-fueled car chase, ‘I had a bad day’

Reshonda Fields first caught the attention of Dallas police when her dark-colored Cadillac blew through a stop light one night this week. When police went to pull her over, they discovered that this was not going to be any ordinary traffic stop because Fields wasn’t about to stop for anyone.

Police: Man Accused of Stabbing Two Sleeping Kids Was High on PCP

A New Jersey man has been charged with murder and attempted murder after police say he stabbed two sleeping children in a Camden apartment Sunday night. According to the Camden County prosecutor’s office, Osvaldo Rivera, 31, attacked Dominick Andujor, 6, and his 12-year-old sister.

East Texas Woman Allegedly High on PCP Wanders into DPS, Leaves Children in Car

Angelina County, Tex., woman Laricia Young, 25, showed up around noon on July 3 at the Lufkin, Tex., Department of Public Safety and was seen in the lobby not talking and behaving strangely. Police arrived to find her sitting on the floor, unresponsive. According to Sgt. Rodney Squires, Young seemed disoriented and smelled strongly of PCP.

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