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Video: How not to parallel park

Please note, even though this parking job was not performed by a professional stunt driver on a closed course, do not try this at home.

Watch: How Not to Park a Car

A good example of how not to park, how not to back up, and of how to get totally hung up on a curb. This surveillance video shows the work of a driver who probably should’ve left the car at home that day.

Chinese Woman Kills Self, Husband While Parking

A woman learning to park the family car on June 18, 2013, crushed her husband and killed herself, all in front of the couple’s horrified daughter, 6, who was in the car.

VIDEO: Woman Takes Half Hour to Parallel Park

Luckily there were no honking horns, angry cops or incidents of road rage while a determined woman in Belfast, Ireland, took half an hour trying to parallel park her little car into a big space.

VIDEO: Phantom Handicap Parking Spot Appears in Tel Aviv

Hila Ben Baruch of Tel Aviv, Israel, was ordered to pay $265 of towing fees and fines for parking in a handicap parking spot — except that she was sure that the spot near her home wasn’t a handicap spot when she parked there. She was right.