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Texas man jailed for overdue library book

Librarians in Texas are not to be trifled with, a fact that Jory Enck found out the hard way. The GED study guide that he had taken out of the Copperas Cove library was found to be overdue. In Copperas Cove, an overdue library book is a jailing offense, and they do find you, though maybe not right away.

Shhh! Librarian Allegedly Embezzles a Ton of Money in Overdue Book Fines

A woman hired by an Ohio library to keep track of fees and fines was allegedly tracking them into her own pocket. Police say Theresa Karm, 54, has stolen almost $350,000 in overdue book fines since she started working at the Cuyahoga Falls library in 2007. She was fired three months ago but theft charges weren’t filed until this week.

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