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Cooking with Otis Toole: A cannibal’s recipe for BBQ sauce

Though less known than Bundy and Dahmer, serial killer Ottis Toole is no less terrifying. He’s known for confessing to the murder of Adam Walsh, and for acting as the corpse-mutilating, cannibalistic sidekick of Henry Lee Lucas. Seen here is Toole’s very own recipe for BBQ or “spegetti” sauce, just in time for the holiday.

Today in Crime History: The Birth of Ottis Elwood Toole

Born on March 5, 1947, Toole was an arsonist, serial killer and corpse mutilator, among other things, He teamed up with a kindred spirit, serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, in 1976. Though he would live the rest of his days in Lucas’ shadow, Toole may in fact have been the more depraved of the pair.

VIDEO: Ottis Toole Talks Sex & Fire in 1993 Interview

Though lesser known than Bundy and Dahmer, the story of serial killer Ottis Toole is no less terrifying. In this 1993 interview, Toole discusses his proclivities, a melancholy smile never leaving his face.

The Definitive Ottis Toole

Here it is: everything you need to know (and some stuff you’d rather not) about serial killer Ottis Toole. Look out for more pages like this about other famous criminals.

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