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Today in Crime History: The BTK confessions

After pleading guilty to ten murders on June 27, 2005, Wichita serial killer Dennis Rader gave a chilling account of his murders in court. Appearing unmoved by the cruelty of the acts he was describing, Rader systematically described how he killed the entire Otero family and six women. He described how he followed his victims — he called them ‘projects’ — around town before finally going in for the kill. Videos and a full transcript of the confession can be seen here.

Your Daily Creepout: Dennis Rader’s bondage and costume fetish

A former boy scout leader, ‘BTK’ killer Dennis Rader knew how to tie all sorts of knots. After his arrest, police found a stash of photos Rader took of himself tied up outdoors, often wearing the underwear of his victims. In some photos, Rader was seen hanging from trees, in others, laying in a freshly dug grave.

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