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Teen holding breath in tunnel passed out, caused three-car collison

So it seems like a case of the old tunnel game gone arwy, but here’s the weird thing: the tunnel is only 772 feet long, and at 55 miles per hour it would only take 10 seconds to drive from one end to the other.

‘Pirate’ accused of stabbing car with machete was actually ‘high elf’

A very high elf it seems, on LSD at the time…allegedly.

Inside the world of fetish killer Jerry Brudos

On March 27, 1969, Karen Sprinker, 19, disappeared, the third victim of serial killer Jerome “Jerry” Brudos, a married father of two and one of the most disturbing serial killers known. Brudos abducted, tortured, and mutilated his victims before killing them. Brudos saved body parts for his post-mortem high-heeled rituals.

Today in Crime History: Miranda Gaddis disappears

On March 8, 2002, sixty days after 12-year-old Ashley Pond went missing, Miranda Gaddis left for school and never returned. Ward Weaver, the man who raped and murdered both girls, was the son of a man who spent the rest of his days on death row for rape and murder. Was Weaver genetically predisposed to kill, or just a big fan of his dad’s work?

Police in Oregon arrest three for murder, one is child-killer Ward Weaver’s stepson

When Ward Weaver III was convicted of murder in 2002, it was soon discovered that he was the son of Ward Weaver Jr., on death row for killing two people in 1981. This week, Ward’s stepson Francis Weaver, has been arrested for murder. If convicted, he would be the third consecutive generation of Weaver men imprisoned for murder.

Listen: Man calls 911 for wife’s stuck zipper

An Oregon man was so angry that the zipper was stuck on his wife’s nice jacket that he called 911 to get help removing it without cutting it off. When the stunned operator asked if the wife was not breathing he responded, “She’s alright she just can’t get her @$**&#!* jacket off, and I pissed about it!”

Pimp serving life for stomping john’s face with Jordans sues Nike

Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 26, is serving life in an Oregon prison for the brutal 2012 stomping of the face of a john, who reportedly tried to get out of paying. The victim survived, but his face was turned to goo. Clardy is now suing Nike for $100 million for failing to label the shoes with a warning.

Russell Obremski: A killer’s luck

In early February, 1969, Russell Obremski went on an alcohol-fueled murder spree that left two women dead, one a pregnant mother of five. Sentenced to 20 years for the murder, Obremski was out in five months. It would be only a few months later that Obremski would inevitably break down and have a beer, with horrible consequences.

19-year-old who ran over and killed 2 girls in leaf pile convicted

An Oregon teen driving with her boyfriend and brother blew through a pile of leaves that had two little girls playing in it. They realized what they had done but didn’t turn themselves in, which means that they’re going to prison.

The trials of Christian Longo

On December 17, 2001, a witness saw Longo on a bridge around 4:30 a.m. The witness’ offer for assistance was declined, and he left. Two days later the bodies of toddlers Zachary and Sadie Longo surfaced. It seemed they had been weighted down and dumped alive into the river, along with their mother, when they became an inconvenience.

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