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How not to spend your Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! If you’re not being stampeded to death, wrestled to the ground by a cop, or leaving your kid in a freezing car, we’d say you’re doing pretty darn good. Better than these folks at least.

How Far is Too Far? When Online Sexual Fantasy Turns Into Violent Crime

New York’s now-infamous “cannibal cop” isn’t actually a cannibal, because he never got as far as eating another human. Still, a jury found him guilty of conspiring to kidnap, kill, cook and eat women. At what point does online role play in the realm of violent fetishism become grounds for criminal charges?

Transgender Inmates in American Prisons: Is the Michelle Kosilek Case a Precedent for Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Slowly, but surely, the government has been implementing laws and lifting bans so the LGBT community are seen as equals in society, but what happens when a transgender inmate wants a gender-reassignment surgery while behind bars?

Should Sylvia Likens’ Torturer Get to Live a Quiet Life?

Paula Baniszewski was a teenage participant in one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century. After working at a school under an assumed name for 14 years, Paula’s identity has been revealed. She was fired from the school system, and with a past so notorious, her future looks bleak.

Is it Legal to Post Photos of Sexy Strangers on the Internet?

The arrest of a Georgia substitute high school teacher who allegedly posted upskirt photos of girls in his class hit the headlines. The forum on which he shared these photos is a community on Reddit called CreepShots. While there’s no doubt about the illegality of surreptitiously photographing the slightly visible underwear of high school girls, there’s a much grayer area when it comes to posting snapshots of adult strangers online.

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