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UPDATE: Oklahoma Woman Who Hid Loaded Gun in Vagina Sentenced

A woman who used her vagina to smuggle a loaded gun into an Oklahoma lockup has been sentenced for felony possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, felony gun possession and felony posession of contraband in a correctional facility.

Peeping Tom Does the Unthinkable for a Thrill

If you’ve ever found yourself in the bathroom at a water park, your instinct was probably to do your business and get out in a jiffy. Very few people would consider finding the hands-down grossest spot in the whole place and cozying up in there to, uh, people watch.

VIDEO: Toddler Taken as Hostage at Oklahoma Walmart

Police in Midwest City, Oklahoma, have released surveillance camera footage of a hostage situation that unfolded at a local Walmart on June 17.

Mugshot Makeover: Sex Offender Incognito

Officials in Oklahoma have their man, Antonio Demond Younger of Tulsa, who failed to register as a sex offender, and seems to have been hiding from authorities in a disguise, though not a very good one. He was caught and arrested on June 5 wearing a long black wig, penciled-in eyebrows and a penciled-in mustache.

Health Officials: Dentist Exposed 7,000 Patients to HIV and Hep B & C

Health officials in Tulsa are warning the public that 7,000 patients of a local oral surgeon, were exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C due to the practice’s inadequate sterilization procedures. Who ever said dentists were boring?

Police: Oklahoma Woman Attempted to Sell Children on Facebook

A 22-year-old Sallisaw, Ok., mom allegedly tried to sell her two kids, ages 10 months and two years, to a woman she was talking to on Facebook. Unlike retailers who offer a deal when you buy more, police say Misty VanHorn was offering the kids for $1,000 each or both for $4,000.

Sheriff: Man Who Burned to Death May Have Spontaneously Combusted

Police in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, are investigating the death of Danny Vanzandt, 66, who died strangely on February 18, 2013, in his home — not because he may have been murdered, investigators ruled out homicide, but because he might have spontaneously combusted.

VIDEO: Mom Caught on Tape Beating Daughter Wants Kids Back

In a horrifying video that’s sparked outrage in Oklahoma, Arkansas and beyond, 26-year-old mom Christina Marie Hawkins of Arkoma is seen repeatedly hitting her small daughter in the stomach, then hurling the screaming girl across the room. Now, Hawkins, who is free on $20,000 bond is claiming that she was in the middle of a mental breakdown when that video was shot.

Parole for Woman Sentenced to 12 Years for Selling $31 Worth of Pot

Am Oklahoma woman who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling a small amount of cannabis has been released on parole. In 2010, Patricia Spottedcrow was sentenced to 12 years in prison after selling $31 of marijuana to an undercover officer.

Cop Fired After Ticketing Toddler for Peeing Outside

Piedmont, Okla., police officer Ken Qualls is out of a job after news of a ticket he issued spread and brought a flood of criticism to his department. On November 4, Qualls wrote a $2,500 ticket to Ashley Warden after witnessing her 3-year-old son Dillon pull down his pants and urinate in the Wardens’ front yard.

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