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The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

Three Girls Scouts are sexually assaulted and brutally murdered while camping in Oklahoma. An escaped inmate with a penchant for kidnapping, rape and women’s eyeglasses is charged with the crimes, but is acquitted when the physical evidence at the scene doesn’t match up.

Mother Sues School, Students and Parents for Allowing Bullying

After repeated physical assaults on her daughter went unanswered, DeAnn Cooks was allegedly told by the Assistant Principal of her daughter’s Tulsa, Ok., school to drop her complaint because it made them look bad.

Attacked Homeowner Beats Burglar to a Pulp

Last week we brought you the story of a terrified burglar who, held at gunpoint by an angry homeowner, called 911 on himself. Today we bring you the story of a would-be robber, who got the smack down of his life when he broke into the home of a personal trainer, who specializes in boxing and kickboxing.

Couple Who Kept Adopted Kids in Dog Crate Convicted of Child Abuse

A couple in Yukon, Okla., was convicted of child abuse and neglect Monday, in what assistant district attorney Paul Hesse called “the most severe case of abuse” he’d ever seen.

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