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Police: Family Planned to Cut Off Woman’s Fingers

It seems that Ohio woman Brittany Rager had the misfortune of being John Gulley’s newest romantic interest. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t break up with Sheena Moore beforehand. Given what happened, it is unlikely that breaking up with Moore would have prevented what happened.

VIDEO: Routine Traffic Stop Turns Deadly

Police in Solon, Ohio, announced that the investigation into the March 2013 fatal shooting of Kevin Bailey, 22, by Officers Steven Davis and Nicholas Kline is complete, and the officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing. The police dashcam of Bailley’s dramatic last stand was released today.

Police Chase of Drunk, Naked Ohio Man Ends in Neighbor’s Dryer

You never really know your neighbors until you find them naked and hiding from the law in your dryer. With this in mind, the events of the morning of Wednesday, May 29, 2013, would prove enlightening for the folks who live near Morse and Hutton Streets in Linwood, Ohio.

Missing: Ashley Summers and Other Possible Ariel Castro Victims

Ashley Summers, 14, disappeared on July 9, 2007. Christina Adkins was 18 when she went missing in 1995. Miranda Jones disappeared in 2012 at age 17 with an adult male. Police must now determine if any of these three young Cleveland women, and possibly others still missing, had any connection to Ariel Castro.

Accused Cleveland Kidnapper’s Facebook Page is so Normal it’s Scary

From our friends at the Daily Dot: What is the Facebook profile of a suspected kidnapper and rapist like? Pretty boring, actually.

Missing ‘Teens’ Held Captive for a Decade Now Free

The world discovered Monday that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight, teens reported missing a decade ago from Cleveland were being held captive all this time in a local home. The women, no longer teens, escaped their dungeon due to the initiative and courage of Amanda Berry, now 26 and mother of a six-year-old girl, who escaped and called 911.

Ohio Executes Man Who Killed Infant During Rape

The state of Ohio bid good riddance yesterday to Steven Smith, who was executed by lethal injection at the state prison in Lucasville. Smith was convicted of killing his live-in girlfriend’s daughter, 6-month-old Autumn Carter, while he was raping her.

Attorneys for Ohio Serial Killer Say ‘Media Circus’ Prevented Fair Trial

In an bid to get their client’s death sentence changed to life in prison, attorneys for Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell wrote in a Supreme Court filing, “If anything, calling this case ‘a media circus’ is an understatement. A circus, after all, will eventually leave town. This one remains.”

Man Convicted of Rape After Impregnating Teenager

A 38-year-old Ohio man had a hard time concealing his misdeeds, when, say authorities, his 13-year-old victim became pregnant with his child.

Prosecutors Say Child Abuse Suspect is Not Man Seen Whipping Daughters in Viral Video

Prosecutors in Ohio say the man seen in a video whipping his daughters with an electrical cord is not the same man they’ve arrested for whipping his daughters with an electrical cord. This highlights the disturbing prevalence of the use of wires and cables as child abuse tools.

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