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Anthony Sowell: The Cleveland Strangler

The complaints against Sowell, the reports of missing women and the stench around his house went ignored by Cleveland police for years — until a naked woman threw herself through his front window. At that point police did take action, but it was too late for the 11 victims they found moldering in his home.

Missing ‘Teens’ Held Captive for a Decade Now Free

The world discovered Monday that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight, teens reported missing a decade ago from Cleveland were being held captive all this time in a local home. The women, no longer teens, escaped their dungeon due to the initiative and courage of Amanda Berry, now 26 and mother of a six-year-old girl, who escaped and called 911.

Ohio Executes Man Who Killed Infant During Rape

The state of Ohio bid good riddance yesterday to Steven Smith, who was executed by lethal injection at the state prison in Lucasville. Smith was convicted of killing his live-in girlfriend’s daughter, 6-month-old Autumn Carter, while he was raping her.

Attorneys for Ohio Serial Killer Say ‘Media Circus’ Prevented Fair Trial

In an bid to get their client’s death sentence changed to life in prison, attorneys for Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell wrote in a Supreme Court filing, “If anything, calling this case ‘a media circus’ is an understatement. A circus, after all, will eventually leave town. This one remains.”

Man Convicted of Rape After Impregnating Teenager

A 38-year-old Ohio man had a hard time concealing his misdeeds, when, say authorities, his 13-year-old victim became pregnant with his child.

Prosecutors Say Child Abuse Suspect is Not Man Seen Whipping Daughters in Viral Video

Prosecutors in Ohio say the man seen in a video whipping his daughters with an electrical cord is not the same man they’ve arrested for whipping his daughters with an electrical cord. This highlights the disturbing prevalence of the use of wires and cables as child abuse tools.

Court to Allow Testimony of Paralyzed Man Who Identified Killer by Blinking

Before he died of complications from his gunshot wounds and paralysis, David Chandler, 35, used the only method of communication he had left–blinking–to identify his shooter.

Convicted Amish Beard Cutters Fight for Release

The Amish convicted in beard-cutting hate crimes against other Amish, are fighting their sentence, saying that their incarceration in separate facilities around the country is an unfair burden on their families, and amounts to cruel and unusual punishment, a violation of their constitutional rights.

Elder Craigslist Killer Richard Beasley Sentenced to Death

The courtroom saga of the teen boy and his deranged mentor who posted job ads and killed the respondents has drawn to a close. The boy, Brogan Rafferty, now 18, was sentenced to life without parole. The older man in the scheme, Richard Beasley, has been sentenced to death.

Man Convicted of Killing Baby Offers Unsettling Defense

The Ohio parole board is faced with a gruesome case: a man who sexually assaulted his girlfriend’s 6-month-old daughter so brutally that she died claims he didn’t intend to kill her but was too drunk to realize she was dying.