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Dahmer home for sale, PETA suggests converting it to vegan restaurant

On its website PETA suggested that the Akron, Ohio, home of cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer, which is up for sale, could be re-purposed as a vegan restaurant. We salute anyone, especially anyone who shuns meat, who thinks they could eat a meal in that house, or even in the yard, after reading this.

Alice Mae Van Alstine still missing after 38 years

The unsolved mystery of a young mother of four, missing nearly 40 years and presumed dead. Police and family believe she met with foul play, possibly at the hands of her abusive ex-husband or the right wing group with which he was affiliated. It’s also possible, though unlikely, that the terrified woman just ran for her life.

Mailman attacked, bitten three times on the leg — by angry man

An Akron, Ohio, postal patron was anxiously awaiting a check in the mail, but when it didn’t come last Saturday, he took matters into his own hands, and took in out on the mailman.

Today in Crime History: Police find the bodies of the Avery family

On January 3, 1990, following a tip, police searchers found the bodies of the missing Avery family. They quickly made the connection to cult leader Jeffrey Lundgren, who claimed his authority came from God, but who embraced acts of violence and sexual assault that culminated the murders of five of his followers, two adults and three children.

Shadow of a doubt: The Clarence Elkins story

On December 15, 2006, Clarence Elkins was free, exonerated after seven years of imprisonment for a murder he did not commit. Read his story of faith and perseverance.

More indictments in Steubenville rape case

The school superintendent, two coaches and a elementary school principal are charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect.

Lawsuit: Gynecologist sprayed drain cleaner in patient’s vagina

Akron, Ohio, gynecologist Dr. John Black is being sued after a patient claims that a routine yearly check up became a painful, disfiguring experience that wound up in the local emergency room. The woman was reportedly undergoing a routine pelvic exam when the doctor reportedly reached for a spray bottle marked vinegar, and sprayed the substance onto her sex organs into her vaginal canal.

Cops: Ohio Man placed ad for stranger to beat and rape his child

An Ohio man is in custody after allegedly placing an ad online for a stranger to help him beat his daughter, 11, and rape her with sex toys. According to detectives, such ads are not unusual. What is unusual about this case is that the suspect, Anthony Brinkman, 32, actually showed up at the meet with his child.

Chardon shooter not adjusting well to prison, files for appeal

Chardon Shooter T.J. Lane may still be as big an ass today as he was the day he gave victims’ families the finger in court saying, “The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory… F— all of you.” Now, Having discovered he doesn’t like prison, he is appealing his sentence.

Sniper Thomas Lee Dillon: The Hunter Hunter

Thomas Lee Dillon asked a friend “do you think I’ve ever killed anyone?” It seemed like a weird question and the friend started thinking about it and eventually contacted the police. Dillon was discovered to be the sniper who hunted outdoorsmen, He killed five hunters before he was caught.