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NYC free to stop and frisk again

A federal appeals court today blocked a ruling prohibiting stop and frisk policies since August.

“Baby Hope” Mystery Solved with Killer’s Arrest

The 1991 case of a young girl found dead alongside a Manhattan roadway is finally brought to a close. “Baby Hope” has been identified and her killer brought to justice — some 22 years later.

“Stop and Frisk” Stopped by Judge in NYC

A Federal Judge ruled the New York City Police Department policy of stopping people on the street and searching them without a warrant is unconstitutional and must stop. Police officials are disappointed with the decision.

VIDEO: Brooklyn Train Skirmish Nets Two Arrests

There was a lot of yelling on the number 3 train in Brooklyn on Monday, when police responded to reports of a young man who’d allegedly stolen someone’s phone. A woman who allegedly tried to intervene in the man’s arrest also ended up facing charges.

Instagram Photo Calls for Death of Two NYPD Cops in Teen’s Killing

On March 9, NYPD Officer Jovaniel Cordova and Sgt. Mourad Mourad, both in plainclothes, shot and killed 16-year old Kimani Gray outside his best friend’s birthday party in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. His killing has caused outrage in his neighborhood, and an Instagram user has gone as far as to demand the deaths of the two policemen responsible.

Teen Arrested for Threatening Cop on Facebook

From our friends at the Daily Dot: The gangs of New York are moving their wars to Facebook. Last week, the NYPD announced it has been successful in trawling the social networking site to crack down on illicit gang activity and rid the streets of illegal firearms, but now one of the dissenters is expressing his displeasure on Facebook.

A Serial Killer in the Big Apple?

It’s been a rough few weeks in New York City: the Killer Nanny, Superstorm Sandy, and now an alleged serial murderer in its midst.

Confessed Etan Patz Killer Has First Day in Court

Etan Patz disappeared in 1979 and has never been seen since. Almost to the day 33 years later NYPD arrested Pedro Hernandez in connection to the kidnapping. Hernandez had never been seen publicly since the arrest. Until yesterday.

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