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NYC child porn busts 71 people, 175 terabytes of data

A child pornography sting that started with a police chief in New Jersey has expanded to include 70 additional suspects in the New York region.

Letters from David ‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz

Crime Library’s Denise Noe writes prisoners and they write her back. In the latest in our series, Noe shows us her letters with David Berkowitz.

Michael Alig ‘Party Monster’ is freed from prison

Club Kid Michael Alig was freed this week. Besides eating a burrito and conducting interviews, he’s been spending a lot of time on social media. We’re going to take a look at why he was in prison in the first place.

Airbnb user finds anonymous sex orgy happening in his apartment

New Yorker Ari Teman rented his Chelsea, Manhattan apartment out on over the weekend, but got a call from the building telling him that the man he rented his apartment to was using it to host a loud, sex orgy for mostly plus-sized attendees. Teman had to return to his apartment to shut the [...]

Google maps labels Brooklyn street “drug section”

The New York web siteĀ Gothamist foundĀ that there’s an area of Brooklyn that Google thinks might be a little druggy. And so 8th Street in Bensonhurst is labeled “drug section” on the Google map. Obviously, it’s a mistake. The site contacted Google and the problem is being fixed — or already fixed. However the street view [...]

NY City: Teen sex slave escapes captors

A 14-year-old Queens girl abducted and held in Jamaica, Queens, for months as a sex slave is finally free. She was able to use an unattended cell phone to surreptitiously call her grandmother and the police on February 3, 2014. Her grandmother reported the unnamed teen missing last September. The girl ran away after complaining [...]

NYC free to stop and frisk again

A federal appeals court today blocked a ruling prohibiting stop and frisk policies since August.

Police discover a fetus in teen shoplifter’s bag

Police investigating a pair of shoplifting teen girls discover a fetus hidden in their bag along with some stolen lingerie

New York City’s Murder-Free Week

New York City’s crime rate continues its epic decline. The latest good news for the city is another murder-free week, the third in a year.

‘Wheels of Steal’ Now Behind Bars

The “Wheelchair Bandit” robbing NYC tourists last week has been rolled into custody. 25-year-old Matias Moreno-Boza of New Jersey was charged with four counts of larceny over the weekend. He appeared in court in his wheelchair on Saturday.

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