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Angels of Death: The female nurses

Nurse Kristen Gilbert, was accused of murdering at least four patients at a V.A. hospital. Her motive? Having the cute paramedic she was dating rush over to where she worked. On March 14, 2001, she was convicted of murder. An examination of this and other high profile cases.

Lawsuit: Nurse Ripped Out Catheter, Spilt Open Man’s Penis

An Hidalgo County Texas man is suing his home medical care company for damages alleging that a nurse removed his urinary catheter without first deflating it, thereby ripping open his penis.

Former Caretaker Sentenced to Prison for Particularly Gross Form of Elder Abuse

Last week, a 69-year old woman was sentenced to four years in prison for elderly abuse after being found guilty of using an especially nasty form of “therapy” on her elderly charges.

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