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Reversal of Fortune: The Claus and Sunny von Bulow story

On December 21, 1980, Sunny von Bulow slipped into an irriversible coma. Her husband, Danish gentleman Claus von Bulow was accused of trying to kill her with an insulin injection. She was in the coma for 28 years, and has remained at the center center of one of the most controversial cases of the 20th century.

Today in Crime History: The murder of Laurie Show

On December 21, 1991, with her dying breath Laurie named her killer—or did she? The prosecution of this murder managed to tie the Pennsylvania justice system in knots for 14 years.

Charles Sobhraj: Crime Does Pay

Con man, jewel thief, drug dealer and serial murderer Sobraj did it all for a life of adventure and intrigue — and ultimately became a media celebrity.

The trials of Christian Longo

On December 17, 2001, a witness saw Longo on a bridge around 4:30 a.m. The witness’ offer for assistance was declined, and he left. Two days later the bodies of toddlers Zachary and Sadie Longo surfaced. It seemed they had been weighted down and dumped alive into the river, along with their mother, when they became an inconvenience.

Slideshow: The Laci Peterson murder case

Laci Rocha Peterson, 27, was nearly eight months pregnant with her first child when on Dec. 24, 2002, her stepfather reported her missing from her Modesto, Calif., home. The case of two young lives cut short.

The mistress of Hollywood: The murder of June Cassandra Mincher

Flamboyant Hollywood madam and phone-sex artist, June Mincher, was gunned down in an execution-style killing. In the high-profile investigation that followed, investigators tied Mincher’s killer to the unsolved murder of a Hollywood producer a year earlier.

Today in Crime History: The murders of Ken Stahl and Carolyn Oppy-Stahl

Dr. Ken Stahl wanted out of his marriage. He found someone to kill his wife and together they meticulously planned the hit. On November 20, 1999, the moment he had envisioned finally came. What he didn’t see coming was a double-cross.

Slideshow: Most famous Hollywood murders

Unearth the deadly secrets hiding beneath the glitz and glam of Tinsel Town.

Today in Crime History: The real Amityville Horror

On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo burst into a bar, screaming that his family had been murdered. Indeed, DeFeo’s parents and four siblings lay dead in their beds, each shot with a .35 caliber rifle. DeFeo told police the killings were the work of a mobster, but his story soon began to unwind and he was charged with the murders.

The deadly efficiency of Murder Inc.

On November 12, 1941, feared Murder, Inc. hitman-turned-informant Abe "Kid Twist" Reles was found dead from a fall from a hotel window. The evidence suggested that Reles had been pushed, earning him the epithet "The canary who sang, but couldn’t fly." The story of the organization that carried out Mob assassinations.

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