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Man abandoned on desert island by his ‘BFF’

Norwegian police, as well as the unnamed victim, are trying to figure out why one of the purportedly two best friends would take the other camping on a deserted island, and bail on him in the middle of the night.

Look how patient and professional cops can be

Watch in disbelief as two Norwegian cops calmly jail an intoxicated man. Nothing really happens — and that’s the shocking thing about it.

Today in Crime History: Belle Gunness officially pronounced dead

On May 12, 1908, this black widow, believed to have killed between 35 and 40 men, women and children, was officially pronounced dead. Thought to have faked her death, she became a legend, with sightings of her persisting until 1931. In fact, the body buried as Bell Gunness has not yet been conclusively identified.

Thief steals car, runs out of gas, calls owner for money

A thief in Norway deserves some sort of prize for executing the most ill-conceived car theft, possibly in history. He stole a car with no gas, no money, no license, and donning a reflective safety vest, called the owners for help.

Update: Boy, 10, who took parents’ car to go to grandma’s, at it again

Two weeks ago, a Norwegian boy claimed to be a dwarf without his license after he took his little sister for a ride to grandma’s house in their parents’ car, and ran off the snowy road. He’s done it again, this time with a relative’s car, and this time no one is laughing.

Boy, 10, crashes car, explains he is actually a dwarf who forgot his license

Early Wednesday a boy, 10, decided to take his 18-month-old sister and the car, and drive to grandma’s house. Never mind that the roads were snowy and grandma lived nearly 40 miles away. So while his parents slept, he loaded his sister into the car and began the drive. He didn’t get very far.

Norway Killer Murders 77, Gets 21 Years

Anders Behring Breivik, known as the Norway Killer, grinned as a judge in an Oslo court sentenced him today to 25 years in prison for the murder of 77 people during a bombing and shooting spree in July 2011. Broadcast live on Norwegian television, Breivik, dressed in a black suit, addressed the court with a fascist one-armed salute as he was lead in the courtroom to hear the verdict in the presence of the victims’’ family members and survivors of the attacks.

Prosecutors Request Institutionalization for Convicted Mass Murderer Breivik

Norwegian prosecutors have asked for convicted mass murderer Anders Breivik to be transferred to a mental institution, rather than face prison. It is likely, however, that the defense will dispute the request, because, as Breivik has stated in the past, he believes that putting his sanity on trial is the prosecution’s way of rendering his cause, and commitment to it, ridiculous.

Anders Behring Breivik: Norway’s Homegrown Terrorist

Norwegians were shaken to the core after Anders Behring Breivik went on a bombing and shooting rampage, leaving 77 of his fellow citizens dead. But he said the killings were necessary to save his homeland from an Islamic invasion.

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