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Police chief to cops: Stop lying about 911 calls

The Police Chief in Durham, North Carolina, banned the practice of inventing a 911 call to gain entry to search. For example, an officer knocks and says there was a 911 call from that house. The tenant grants entry without a warrant, and officers use the opportunity to search for incriminating items to arrest the tenant.

North Carolina state police in search of this car and this guy

What is actually happening in this cell-phone video taken Saturday afternoon on I-77 in Charlotte is unclear. All witnesses know is that this car appeared on the highway, driving fast, with the man shown hanging off the back. He then punched his way through the back window and got in the car with the woman [...]

Man allegedly stashed drugs in this navel

It’s official, we can now add navels to the list of places that people hide their drugs. In Eastern North Carolina the belly button is so popular as a stash that in some circles it is reportedly called the “Percocet pouch,” and in jail someone’s got to search every one of ‘em.

Man tries to smoke cigarette and blow nose at same time, burns down house

An unnamed Davidson County North Carolina couple in their 60s is temporarily homeless after the man reportedly blew his nose while smoking a cigarette. It was around 3 a.m. on June 2, 2014, he told firefighters, when he blew his nose and the cigarette set the tissue on fire. He dropped the flaming tissue and tried to stomp it out.

Town plagued by gross graffiti

It’s not gang related, it’s not lewd, but people are calling it gross and immature, and police aren’t laughing — even though it’s funny.

What happens if you change your mind after going to the cop shop to turn yourself in? This man just found out.

This man found out that if you go to the local detention center with the good intention to turn yourself in, you might as well carry it out because if you change your mind they will hunt you down.

“We called for help and they killed my son”–Police shoot schizophrenic boy in front of parents

An impatient cop shot a 18-year-old boy suffering from schizophrenia after his parents called for assistance

Lawsuit: Discharged patient wasn’t ‘uncooperative’ he was dead

You wouldn’t think that there was a fine line between “uncooperative” and dead, but a lawsuit filed in Cumberland County North Carolina explores just that part of one hospital’s treatment of a severely ill cancer patient, who was undeniably dead by the time the cab from the hospital got to his house.

Slideshow: Duke rape scandal

Last Friday Crystal Gail Mangum was sentenced to 14-18 years in prison for a murder she called self-defense in a domestic dispute. Some have commented that Mangum’s harsh sentence was due to her role in the Duke rape scandal, a case that became a fiasco for prosecutor Mike Nifong. A look back in photos at that famous case.

Today in Crime History: Death of Zahra Baker

Though her stepmother later said 10-year-old Zahra died on September 24, 2010, she didn’t report her missing until October 9. Read the tragic story of a young girl whose fight with cancer was an inspiration to those around her, and whose gruesome murder garnered international attention.

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