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Nigerian man sues Close-up toothpaste for ‘mental suffering’

In what some may consider a lawsuit that’s been a long time coming, Anthony Olatunfe, 26, is suing Unilever Nigeria Limited for “mental suffering” caused by the constant rejection of women despite his scrupulous use of Close-Up toothpaste.

Rescue Video: Man survived for three days on bottom of ocean

Video has emerged of a May 28, 2013, body-retrieval effort by South African divers that became a rescue when they found Harrison Okene alive inside the Nigerian ship that sank to the bottom. Okene was in an air pocket for three days with no food or water, and no light.

Nigerian Man Caught with Human Head and Hands for Ritual Recipe

Abideen Raheem faced some financial difficulties after his poultry business failed. So he turned to a herbal folklore ritual that he thought would bring wealth. Unfortunately, the ritual recipe called for human hands and a head.

Craigslist Scam Leaves Family of Four Homeless

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A woman who sent her rent check to a realtor in Nigeria is now homeless and trying to avoid living out of her car.

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