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Trial Begins for Suspect in Execution-Style Shooting of Two Teen Boys

Hector Rodriguez, the second suspect in the April 2012 slaying of two Winter Park, Florida, teenagers has rejected a plea deal and will stand trial.

Suspect in Murders of Two Teens Pleads Guilty

Jesse Davis, one of the men charged in the deaths of Winter Park, Fla., teenagers Nicholas Presha, 16, and Jeremy Stewart, 18, has pleaded guilty and will serve life in prison. The burning bodies of the slain teens were found by bicyclists near a trail on April 15. Davis, 31, is a diagnosed delusional schizophrenic and had to undergo mental health evaluations to determine whether he was fit to stand trial.

No Death Penalty for Suspects in ‘Execution-Style’ Killings of Florida Teens

In a court hearing today, Assistant State Attorney Ken Lewis announced, that he will not be seeking the death penalty against Hector Rodriguez, 31, and Jesse Davis, 30, the men charged with murdering two Winter Park, Fla., teenagers in April. The burning bodies of Jeremy Stewart, 18, and Nicholas Presha, 16, were discovered by cyclists near the Orlando-area Cady Way trail on April 15.

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