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Alleged Aaron Hernandez victim engaged in wild gunfight at club

A man who claims former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez shot him was involved in a gun battle and was shot last night outside a Hartford, Connecticut nightclub. Hartford police say Alexander Bradley, 30, of East Hartford, was shot three times in the leg on Sunday night at the Vevo Lounge Bar & Grill. [...]

NFL star’s murder case linked to more deaths

Being questioned in the Aaron Hernandez case may be a hazard to your health. This week, a woman named Tabitha Perry was found dead in a Boston-area home. She had recently been interviewed by police in connection with the Hernandez case. She’s one of three people with connects to the case who have died.

Aaron Hernandez Enters Not Guilty Plea

Pro Footballer Aaron Hernandez appeared in a Boston courtroom today to enter his not guilty plea for the murder of 27-year-old friend Odin Lloyd. Hernandez entered his plea and then was escorted back to jail where he is being held without bail. The former New England Patriots tight end is charged with first-degree murder and [...]

NFL Buries its Own

The NFL is no stranger to trouble. Its athletes have made headlines for shooting themselves in the foot, running dogfights, and all-too-many drug charges and strip club fights. But in the past two weeks, the sport has buried two of its own and the reasons – homicide, suicide, manslaughter – are much worse than the game has dealt with before. For the past two Sundays, hundreds of thousands of screaming fans have been asked to observe a few for moments of silence to mark the deaths of two NFL players.

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