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Mass and spree murders of 2012

Chardon school shooter T.J. Lane,  who pleaded guilty to avoid death and then told victims’ families in court, “The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory,” is appealing his life sentence without possibility of parole, after a failed appeal attempt. A look back the other mass murders and spree shootings of 2012.

Photo: Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter as a toddler

Among the many documents and photos Connecticut police recently released in connection with the December 2012 school shooting in Newtown is a photo of the shooter, Adam Lanza, then 20. In it he is just a toddler, and sits surrounded by guns and ammunition, wearing a camouflage hat. He is teething on a pistol.

Sandy Hook School Shooting documents available online

As promised, police in Connecticut have released thousands of pages of documents related to the investigation into the December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook School Shooting by Adam Lanza that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults.

Listen: 911 calls from the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting

Nearly one year later, the legal battle between the town and the state Freedom of Information Commission is over. Last month a judge ruled to release the 911 calls related to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Now the town has dropped its appeal, and the tapes are public, including seven made from inside the school during the shooting.

Book Review: ‘The Big Book of Granny’ by Adam Lanza

An investigator’s review of a comic book made by Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza called, The Big Book of Granny, in which “Grannie” and her son rob, shoot and kill everyone — even Grannie. A product of Lanza’s pure brain this disturbing cartoon provides a chilling glimpse into the killer’s mindset for those who can bear to look.

Mapping Tragedy: An Interactive Map of the Public Place Shootings of 2012

The past year has been rife with tragedy. Many communities throughout the country–most memorably Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut–have been shattered by shootings that claimed the lives of dozens of people. Crime Library has put together an interactive map of the public place shootings of 2012.

Connecticut Lawmakers Want Newtown Trolling Pages Wiped From Facebook

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Two Connecticut senators and a state representative sent a letter to Facebook Monday asking them to shut down over 100 “tribute” sites for the Newtown massacre, that saw 27 school children and teachers shot dead at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Now is Not the Time to Tweet About Shooting Up Your School, Even if You Don’t Mean It

We’ve had a year rife with massacres, most recently the elementary school shooting that claimed the lives of 20 young children in Newtown, Conn. Understandably, the nation’s law enforcement officers, educators and general public are all in a state of high alert. So even if, like Austin Lee Bowlin, you have a super cool hairdo and only do things ironically, you may want to reconsider posting that tweet about how you’re “Finna shoot up the school this Friday” lest you be hit with some serious charges.

About the Rifle Used in the Newtown School Shooting

At a press briefing Saturday, Connecticut medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver said the 20 children and six adult women killed in Friday’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school were all shot with a .233-caliber Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Witnesses report that as many as 100 shots were fired. The shooter, Adam Lanza, was carrying several 30-round magazines.

UPDATE: Adam Lanza, Not Ryan Lanza, Identified as Deceased Suspect in Newtown School Shooting

It was initially reported that the name of the suspect in this morning’s Newtown, Conn., school shooting was Ryan Lanza. Now it has been reported that the shooter’s name is Adam Lanza, not Ryan Lanza, and that the two are brothers. CBS reports that Adam, 20, was dead at the scene, and Ryan, 24, has been taken into custody for questioning.

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