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Students offered free beers for rats

In what promises to be great fun if you’re in Wellington, New Zealand, Victoria University’s Science Society is offering a free beer for every rat brought to them at The Hunter Lounge — dead or alive. The challenge promises to unleash, the joyously buzzed and intoxicated on a no doubt savvy and entrenched urban rat population.

Chainsaw-wielding man in fishnets arrested for chasing down ‘Mr. Whippy’ truck

It seems that a stag party in Rangiora, New Zealand, last Saturday, December 7, 2013, had pretty much gotten out of hand by about 9:30 p.m., when a party goer wearing fishnet stockings revved up a chainsaw, held it over his head and took off after the Mr. Whippy ice-cream truck that was passing by.

Jilted New Zealand woman runs over boyfriend — twice

For those who have never seen first-hand the reaction of a woman scorned, we present this graphic video of a New Zealand woman expressing with the front end of her car, her extreme discontent with being dumped by the victim.

Meet the “Roast Busters.” These guys assault women and then identify them on Facebook

A group of teenage boys in New Zealand has been getting girls drunk and having sex… and then blogging publicly about it on Facebook.

Harry Potter Book Used to Smuggle LSD

A drug smuggler is caught and extradited to New Zealand after attempting to smuggle LSD inside a Harry Potter book.

Burglar Breaks in, Finds Dead Body

A burglar in New Zealand may be too traumatized to rob anyone again after discovering a hanging body in a house he broke into.

New Zealand Man Who Sold Cat Skin Online May Face Charges

New Zealand man Gavin Wilkinson may face charges after selling the skin of a purportedly feral cat he shot on his property in an online auction on May 30, 2013, on the website Wilkinson claims to have shot the animal and killed it humanely after it killed his chickens. Though the local SPCA may not be not buying it, other people apparently are.

Convicted Sex Offender Admits to ‘Intimate’ Child Photography

Ronald Van Der Plaat, 78, a Dutch-born man convicted in New Zealand for the 23-year incarceration, rape, bondage and torture of his daughter, 9, has been found in violation of the terms of his parole.

Elderly Man Arrested for Plan to Throw Manure on Prince Charles

Yugoslav immigrant and adamant anti-royalist Castislav Sam Bracanov, 74, was arrested on November 11, 2012, for planning to toss horse poop on Prince Charles in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. Bracanov pleaded not guilty to behaving suspiciously after stating that police arrested him for “sitting peacefully” with a $2 bucket of horse manure.

Teen Who Killed Over a Kiss Sentenced to Life

A young New Zealand man has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 11 years for killing a love rival at a party last summer. Theodore Derrick-Hardie was 17 when he stabbed to death 18-year-old Warren Rosillo at a birthday party in the Auckland suburb of Pakuranga on July 29, 2011.

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