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Seamless panties heiress thought she was saving husband from the mob–until he ran off with his girlfriend

Manhattan underwear heiress Candice Feinberg Lalicata, now 39, married a tanning salon worker in 2011. Now she’s alleging that husband Steven Lalicata, 30, bilked her out of over $700,000 that he told her he needed in order to pay off his gambling debts with the mob—but that he actually used to buy a series of [...]

Watch: Drunken Santa street brawl

It was a predictable end to a drunken pup crawl for charity in New York City when a group of drunk Santas were caught on video brawling in the street after SantaCon, a Santa-themed charitable event which describes itself as “non-commercial, non-political” and “nonsensical.” Perhaps it would be safer if next year they added “non-violent” to the description, just so all the participants are on the same page.

Today in crime history: Mark David Chapman murders John Lennon

On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman opened fire outside the Dakota, killing rock-n-roll icon John Lennon and ending an era.

Thomas Montgomery’s bizarre online love triangle

Six years ago Thomas Montgomery was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing a co-worker in a fit of jealousy over a woman he had only ever met online. A woman he had never even seen, who had lied to him about everything … just as he had to her.

Genetic violence: Robert and Stephen Spahalski

In November 2006 a jury convicted Robert Bruce Spahalski of murder, just as his identical twin brother had been convicted of murder 34 years earlier. The bizarre story of an upstate New York serial killer and his homicidal identical twin.

Today in Crime History: The real Amityville Horror

On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo burst into a bar, screaming that his family had been murdered. Indeed, DeFeo’s parents and four siblings lay dead in their beds, each shot with a .35 caliber rifle. DeFeo told police the killings were the work of a mobster, but his story soon began to unwind and he was charged with the murders.

‘Noxious’ odor that prompted emergency response was Axe body spray

Fearing the worst, officials at the Medgar Evers Middle and High School in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, summoned emergency crews after detecting a noxious enough odor that they thought it could be toxic. The source of the hazardous smell turned out to be someone’s Axe body spray.

Video: Buffalo bus driver saves suicidal woman

He stopped his bus when he saw a woman in distress that no one else noticed. Then he kept her from jumping to her death. Buffalo transit bus driver Darnell Barton says that any one of his co-workers would have done the same thing. The passengers think he is a hero.

Pumpkin heist gets its happily ever after

From our friends at The Daily Dot: Is there anything America loves more than a criminal with a conscience? If the Internet’s cooing over a remorseful pumpkin thief is any indication, we’re guessing no.

New York City’s Murder-Free Week

New York City’s crime rate continues its epic decline. The latest good news for the city is another murder-free week, the third in a year.