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New York SUV driver will sue after brutal attack

The driver of an SUV who was attacked by a biker gang last fall says he’ll sue the NYC police department and two officers.

Off-Duty Cop Charged in SUV Attack

Arrests and charges are trickling in for the brutal beating of a man driving an SUV in New York City that was captured on video. The latest guy hauled in is a police detective who was off-duty at the time.

Video: Motorcycle Gang Terrorize and Beat Up Driver

Police in NYC are seeking bikers on a shocking video intimidating an SUV driver who then flees, running over two guys. But it doesn’t end there. The bikers pursue the driver, pull him out of the car and severely beat him.

Man Electrocutes Self, Dies Peeing on NYC Subway’s ‘Third Rail’

For those of you who always wondered what would happen if someone were to urinate on the subway’s fabled "third rail," the late Matthew Zeno discovered the answer: You die, and anyone with you might die too.

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