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The Axeman of New Orleans

It’s an unsolved mystery that continues to haunt New Orleans: the phantom, who for many years stalked the people of the Big Easy killing them in their sleep without any consistent pattern or motive. With illustrations by artist Nathan MacDicken.

Police Arrest Suspect in New Orleans Parade Shooting

Wednesday NOPD arrested Akein Scott, 19, the man they believe to be the suspect seen on surveillance cameras opening fire on a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans, wounding 19 men, women and children, some critically.

As in Boston Bombing, NOPD Ask Public’s Help Finding Suspect in Mother’s Day Parade Shooting

As police did in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, police in New Orleans are reaching out to the public in hopes of receiving tips and information a day after one or more shooters opened fire at a local Mother’s Day Parade, wounding 19 people including two children, 10.

Cross-Dressing Crime Spree Hits the Big Easy

According to authorities in New Orleans, robbers in drag have hit local area businesses at least four times since June 22. Witnesses and surveillance cameras indicated that the suspects operate as a two-man team: One, who is stocky and stands about six-feet tall and wears a black dress and a long black wig, and another, who wears dark jeans and a dark shirt. The one in the wig is being called the Wig Bandit.

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