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The Dartmouth College professor murders

The savage killing of two beloved professors puts a quiet New Hampshire community into a panic. As shocking as the murders were, the identity of the killers was even more so.

Responding firefighter found own daughter’s body in car wreck

It was the morning of December 24, 2013, when New Hampshire volunteer firefighter Steve Whitcomb, 58, responded to a call about a car accident not far from his home. To his horror and pain, the dying woman he pulled from the wreckage was his own daughter, Katie Hamilton, 30, married mother of three.

The man convicted of infecting 45 patients with Hep C is sentenced

Sometimes we report about a case and never get to hear about it’s conclusion. This time, however, in the case of a traveling hospital worker with a drug habit, who knowingly infecting 45 people with the hepatitis C virus, we are glad to say he will be locked away for a very long time.

New Hampshire Woman Calls 911, Asks for a Pen

People have called 911 for all kinds of crazy reasons, from looking for a free ride, to complaining about a restaurant, to scaring their children. Most recently a woman was arrested for making a frivolous 911 call asking for a pen. It was her 11th such call in a month.

New Hampshire ‘Thrill Killer’ Convicted in Machete Murder Apologizes to Victim’s Family

Teen killer Steven Spader, who bragged about his heinous act in notes he penned behind bars has written a very different sort of letter, in which he apologizes to those he hurt.

Noisy AC/DC Fan Arrested 4 Times in 26 Hours

To non-New Hampshirites, the Granite State may seem like a serene place full of majestic forests and strong, silent Northern types. While that stereotype may hold somewhat true, Joyce Coffey of Epping doesn’t fit it.

Man Accused of Infecting at Least 30 Patients with Hep C

Medical technician David Kwiatkowski was arrested on July 29, 2012, for using Fentanyl injections prescribed to patients on himself, and then reusing the syringes on the intended patients.

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