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Watch: Special effects turn ugly riot into cool light-saber battle

How do you snazzy-up a run-of-the-mill urban riot, while also making it more appropriate viewing for children? Why, you take away the participants’ conventional weapons and replace them with Star Wars light sabers…obviously. Thanks to one anonymous, but talented, video editor with a vision, this video was made and posted to the Internet earlier this year.

Slideshow: Nerd alert! When geeks go bad

Nerdy, geeky crimes and misdemeanors that range anywhere from not "user friendly" to downright anti-social.

Have you seen this man? ‘Nerdy Bandit’ wanted by police

Police in Portland, Oregon, are searching for a man described as “nerdyish,” according to one witness. Authorities say he is responsible for robbing three different trendy clothing stores on three separate occasions.