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School district apologizes for anti-bullying flyer

The public school system in Lincoln, Nebraska, has publicly apologized for the content of the following anti-bullying flyer that was sent home with fifth graders from the Zeman Elementary School in time for Easter. The nine item flyer on “turning bullies into buddies” contains breathtakingly bad advice like “Do not tell on bullies” — because bullies hate that, don’t ya know.

10-year-old scores felony charge through ‘Minecraft’

From our friends at The Daily Dot: The online building-block game Minecraft is a great tool that can lead to the strengthening of a player’s creative and strategic abilities. For one unfortunate child, though, the game led to something else: a felony charge.

Today in Crime History: John Joubert Kills His Second Victim

On September 18, 1983, Danny Joe Eberle, 13, failed to return home from his job delivering papers. Investigators followed the trail to a young enlisted man, a budding serial killer of boys.

Saunders County Sheriff Probes Possible Bigfoot Sighting

A Nebraska teen, 15, reported seeing a 7-foot tall, “hairy,” bipedal creature along a country road that runs parallel to the Platte River in Saunders County, Nebraska, which is about 60 miles west of Omaha. The local Sheriff, who does not think the alleged sighting is a hoax, retrieved a hair sample from the scene, which has been sent for testing.

VIDEO: The Interrogation of Brandon Teena

Nebraska trangender man Brandon Teena (born Teena Brandon) was raped by John Lotter and Tom Nissen in 1993. When he went to report the rape to police, he was met by intense grilling from Sheriff Charles Laux, who refused to prosecute the men due to lack of evidence despite Teena’s testimony. Several days later, Teena was murdered, along with two others, by Nissen and Lotter.

Today in Crime History: Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate’s Crime Spree Begins

On January 21, 1958, Charles Starkweather was kicked out of his apartment for nonpayment of rent. He went to his girlfriend Caril’s house, where he was told to stop hanging around. Charles killed Caril’s whole family. Instead of turning him in, the faithful Caril stayed with him and the duo embarked on a violent crime spree.

VIDEO: Girl Arrested After Bragging About Robbing Bank, Stealing Car in Youtube Video

In a video titled “Chick Bank Robber,” 19-year-old Hannah Sabata of York, Neb. brags, “My new car is shiny. Of course I took the plates off already.” That’s a nice precaution to take after stealing a Pontiac Grand Am, but posting a Youtube video about it is probably not the greatest move.

Nebraskan Assaults Wife with Sandwich

Western Nebraska man Larry Spurling, 50, of Melbeta, was arrested on September 30, after police received a call from his wife saying that he had pushed her down and smushed a sandwich in her face.

Alleged Nebraska Hate Crime Ruled a Hoax

Police have completed their investigation and are calling the reported July 21, 2012, hate-based attack on Lincoln, Neb., woman Charlie K. Rogers, 33, a staged incident.

Police in Nebraska Treating Assault As Hate Crime

A gay woman was held captive and tortured, her home vandalized and a derogatory word for lesbian painted inside, before it was set on fire. Police are treating the incident like a hate crime.

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